Friday, November 18, 2011

Do Trees Hibernate?

We read A Bed for Winter
We studied the letter Ii
We learned the words he and for
We completed Indian centers (Julie Lee style)

Initial Sounds:
Color and number words:

CVC words:
High Frequency Words:


Our question was, "Do trees die in the winter?"
(we compared trees to bears in winter)

We read the following books:

 We completed a double venn:

Then we made a hibernating bear and dormant tree.
Idea from pinterest (tweaked to fit my needs)
Teacher version:

Student Version:

Completed Bulletin Board:

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I made these centers Julie Lee style.

We learned to make patterns without using color.

Friday, November 4, 2011


This week we learned about the letter Pp.
We read Animal Babies in Grasslands.
We continued to blend sounds to read words.
We had a fun time at our Fall Festival.

(From Julie Lee)

(Most of the ideas are from Kindergarten Crayons)
Question of the Day:
We were shocked to find out it would float.
String Graph:
We guessed the circumference of our pumpkin.
(2 of us were right!)
We then conducted the following experiment:
(found on pinterest)
(I can't wait to see if this sprouts - so cool!)
We talked about the outside and inside of a pumpkin:
(We cut a pumpkin in half to see what it looks like inside)
We made a pumpkin and labeled it:
(We used the seeds from our pumpkin)
Here are a few pictures from last week:

We worked on spider centers from Julie Lee, but I forgot to take pictures.

We read Armadillo's Orange and completed our Story Map:

We went on a walk looking for patterns:

Steps, ramp, steps, ramp:
(I got desperate!)

Central unit, sidewalk, central unit, sidewalk:

Orange, white, orange,white: