Saturday, February 18, 2012

Condensed Calendar Book

Our February Calendar:
(We use craft sticks to mark the end of a unit in our pattern)

New Calendar Book:
I haven't used a calendar book this year
because of time constraints in my schedule.
I am now using calendar pages from
Aloha Kindergarten.  They are more condensed.
(I tweaked it a little to fit my needs)

My student's have been working on toss the chips
and arrangements from SF Investigations this week. 
We added shark addition from HeidiSongs.  They loved it!

They used a plain piece of paper
for recording their answers.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Kids

We have been working for months on blending (sounding out)
CVC words.  I still had 2 kiddos that were having trouble.
All of my students knew their sounds but couldn't put the
sounds together.  On Friday's blending test all of my students finally
understood the concept.  We still have work to do as they did
not all score a 100 percent, but everyone knew how to blend and
not guess.  Major milestone!  I am so proud of my k kids.
Thanks to all who posted ideas on how to help teach blending!